• Jeff Edwards
    NOC Manager

    Jeff Edwards is the Network Operations Manager for ISC Networking & Telecommunications at the University of Pennsylvania. He manages the Network Operations Center and Network Engineering group responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the University of Pennsylvania and MAGPI networks. Prior to Penn, Jeff was a Senior Network Engineer for the University of Pennsylvania Health System, SAP America, and Newbridge Networks.

  • John Fafalios
    Multi-Media Services Engineer

    John Fafalios is the Multi-Media Services Engineer for MAGPI. In this role, John assists the Multi-Media Services Manager with studio support and the development and use of multimedia services. John comes to MAGPI from Bucks County Community College where, as the Technician for Media Services Operations, he assisted faculty, staff, and students with their use of classroom technologies, videoconferencing, and streaming media. He was instrumental in supporting a new service at BCCC called MInDSpace (Media and Instructional Design Space) where students and faculty developed new media literacies.

  • Peter Heverin
    Subscriber Liaison and Special Projects Manager

    Peter Heverin is the Subscriber Liaison and Special Projects Manager for MAGPI. Peter works with new and upcoming subscribers to get them connected to the MAGPI network. Peter worked previously as a network infrastructure designer for Sunesys. Prior to Sunesys, Peter worked as Practice Manager in the areas of infrastructure design and educational technology consulting for system integration firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • Shumon Huque
    Director of Engineering, Research & Development

    Shumon Huque is the Director of Engineering, Research, & Development for Penn's Networking & Telecommunications division and also serves as the Lead Engineer for MAGPI. He is involved in network engineering, systems engineering and the design and operation of key infrastructure services (DNS, DHCP, Authentication, E-mail, Web, VoIP, etc). Shumon
    holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from Penn.

  • Deke Kassabian
    Sr. Technical Director

    Deke Kassabian is the Senior Technology Director and manager of Network Engineering, Systems, and Services at ISC Networking & Telecommunications at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to that, Deke was manager of Networked Computing for the School of Engineering at the University of Rochester. Deke has been a campus and gigapop Engineering representative to Internet2 since the national project inception in 1996, having attended the original engineering meetings in Boulder, Colorado and San Diego, California. Deke has presented on Penn's high performance network connectivity and MAGPI's design and connectivity to GigaPoP operators groups around the country. Deke holds a Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering, and undergraduate degrees in Math and Computer Science.

  • Michael Knight
    Multi-Media Services Manager

    Michael Knight is the new Multi-Media Services Manager at MAGPI where he will be looking at number of new technologies as well as being a resource for Penn and our 700+ connected institutions. Michael came to MAGPI from Montgomery County Community College where he was responsible for the technical logistics of many performing arts events andl was also in charge of video conferencing, web streaming, IPTV, and classroom technology and as such created an excellent environment for faculty. Prior to Montgomery County Community College, Michael was an Audio Engineer providing event support for many internationally known artists.

  • Dave Mongeluzi
    Contracts Administrator

    Dave Mongeluzi is a Sr. IT Project Leader for the University of Pennsylvania, serving as the current Contracts Administrator for MAGPI. Previously, Dave was a Senior Project Manger of IT wiring projects from 1993 through 1998 and prior to his current position, Dave was the Vice President of Tri-State Telecommunications, Inc. for the past six years. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Economics from LaSalle University.

  • Jennifer Oxenford
    Manager Member Relations and Communications

    Jennifer Oxenford is Manager of Member Relations and Communications for MAGPI. Jennifer is responsible for engaging MAGPI members in meaningful collaborations that utilize advanced networking and handles MAGPI's online, print and social media communications. Previously she was the Associate Director of MAGPI. Jennifer is a member of the Internet2 K20 Advisory Board and was also the Co-Chair of the Internet2 Teaching & Learning Special Interest Group, and the Internet2 Commons Management Team. Jennifer also served on the management teams for both Megaconference Sr. and Jr.

  • Mike Palladino
    Associate Vice President

    Michael Palladino is the Associate Vice President of the ISC Networking and Telecommunications group at Penn. He currently directs a team of 100 technical professionals and a $25M budget and is responsible for planning, engineering, installation, management, marketing, and operations of the University's data, voice and video networks systems and services supporting over 40,000 customers. He is also the CEO of MAGPI RON in Philadelphia, which provides Internet, Internet2 and Applications Coordination in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Michael has over 30 years experience managing IT in education and in 2001 was honored with ACUTA's Leadership Award.

  • Greg Palmer
    Executive Director

    Greg Palmer has been in the communications industry since 1980 working first as a technician for Inter-connect companies and then as full-time staff at Okidata, Inc. In 1988 he received a business degree in Operations Management from the LaSalle University, Evening Division. In 1990, he collaborated with the Okidata parent company, OKI Electric in Tokyo Japan, to build an international network that included Japan, Thailand, Australia, five sites in the United States, and the United Kingdom. Following ten years of service with Okidata, Greg assumed the responsibilities of Director of Campus Computing at Drexel University in Philadelphia. After returning to the corporate world, he took a position as Director of Global Computing Operations at Christian Dalloz, Ltd, a French company that manufactured and distributed personal safety products. He then chose to return to the academic community at the University of Pennsylvania as the Executive Director of MAGPI, the regional aggregation point for Internet2.

  • Marilyn Puchalski
    Faculty Development Coordinator

    Marilyn Puchalski is the Faculty Development Coordinator for MAGPI. As Faculty Development Coordinator Marilyn works with the Manager of Educational Services to engage K20 faculty in the MAGPI Community. Marilyn manages the MAGPI Fellows Program; is creating a comprehensive outreach plan to engage higher education faculty members in advanced networking applications; assists in coordinating innovation workshops and professional development seminars; and assists with the administration of the Internet2 Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group. Marilyn comes to MAGPI after serving as the Professor of Teaching and Learning Technologies at Bucks County Community College where she was the faculty liaison for professional development and instructional technology support. Marilyn’s interests include online learning, learning space design, mobile technologies and technology mediated collaboration. Marilyn has a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary and a Masters in Information Science from Drexel University.


  • Anika Trahan
    Manager of Educational Services

    As MAGPI Manager of Educational Services, Anika interacts with local, regional, national, and international MAGPI members and content partners to develop and facilitate new teaching methodologies for K20, higher ed, research, healthcare, and arts institutions. Anika studied journalism at Temple University, and entered the field of content development and new technology application in 1996 as an editorial assistant in the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland Institute of Advanced Computer Studies. In the years since, she has worked in print and multimedia content development for broadcast, publishing and educational institutions, including National Geographic, Time Life Education, Calvert Education Services and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Anika is a two-time recipient of the Time Life Inc. Above and Beyond Award for research and co-authoring for the 20th Century America Student Library, and for her efforts in Broward and Dade counties (FL) as a teacher-educator for Time Life's People with a Dream series.

  • Mark Wehrle
    Director of Network Operations

    Mark Wehrle is the Technical Director of ISC Network Operations. His group is responsible for the daily operations and upgrades of the central routing infrastructure and associated LAN's and WAN's for both the University of Pennsylvania's network, PennNet, and the MAGPI GigaPoP. Mark spends most of his time on planning and implementing the next generation of networking for PennNet and MAGPI. Mark is a recent graduate of the Wharton School of Business, and has been employed by the University of Pennsylvania since 1986.