ITHAKA Joins MAGPI Network

On July 23, 2010 MAGPI announced the addition of its newest member, ITHAKA. ITHAKA helps the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways. ITHAKA provides several services to the academic community including JSTOR, Portico, and Ithaka S+R, the strategy and research arm of ITHAKA which works with initiatives and organizations to develop sustainable business models and conducts research and analysis on the impact of digital media on the academic community.  ITHAKA’s Princeton, NJ facility will be connecting to MAGPI across the Philadelphia-Princeton Ciena DWDM network. ITHAKA will utilize a variety of MAGPI’s advanced networking services including commodity Internet, MAGPI member access, Internet2 access, and ION services. MAGPI will also be offering videoconference bridging and K12 educational outreach services. ITHAKA will be the third participant in the dark fiber between Philadelphia and Princeton, NJ (sharing the dark fiber with NOAA and ESNet). In addition to the Princeton, NJ site, ITHAKA also has sites in Ann Arbor, MI; New York, New York; and Manchester, UK. Large scale file transfers occur between the locations and will also benefit from the additional network capacity provided by MAGPI and Internet2/ION.