MAGPI Holds First-Ever Innovation Workshop

On Friday October 16th, MAGPI organized its first-ever Innovation Workshop at Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit. Approximately 36 educators and technologists took part in this program, which lasted from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. - - - seven and a half hours of technology integration!

The agenda for the Innovation Workshop included an Introduction to MAGPI, the K20 Initative and Internet2 by Greg Palmer, Executive Director. Next up Heather Weisse Walsh, Manager of Educational Services, gave a remote presentation on applications that educators can take advantage of over Internet2,
including: interactive video, digital library and media sources, simulations, educational games, remote instrumentation, and more. The workshop attendees then were broken out into teams of four and each team got to spend 15 minutes in each of the following demonstrations: experimenting with the virtual reality development lab equipment, exploring NOAA's island in Second Life, placing/receiving calls on videoconferencing gear, and an online tour of the K12 Community on MAGPI's new website.

After networking over lunch, the group split up again and Heather Weisse Walsh led the educators on an in-depth look at videoconferencing in the classroom including a virtual field trip to Gemini Observatories in Mauna Kea, HI, and discussion about best practices for using videoconferencing in the classroom. Heather then facilitated a discussion among the educators on developing collaborative projects that use interactive video and brainstorming project ideas. Meanwhile, the technology specialists spent the afternoon with MAGPI staff members learning about IPv6, unified communications, troubleshooting H.323 and multicast applications.

Finally, the workshop ended with a virtual panel discussion featuring educators who had successfully created collaborative projects. Workshop attendees were joined by Marilyn Puchalski who discussed the We Want the World to Know project, and Allison Carpenter who talked about the Murder Mystery Project and States of Matter project.

This first-ever Innovation Workshop was intended as a pilot to be further developed and refined and will be offered to other MAGPI members for a fee starting in January 2010.

If you are interested in having the MAGPI team develop an Innovation Workshop for your organization, please contact us at